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Small-size HP
laser printer
$380 only


4E’s mission is Environment, Economy, Essence and Eternity.


4E Imaging Limited is a toner cartridge remanufacture and a printing solution provider based in Hong Kong where our factory is located in Zhuhai city, Guangdong, PRC. Found in 2003, the factory has more than 150 workers and staffs. Our customers distribute in Australia, the North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and 4E has oversea business partners in Australia and USA. The factory has more than 70 models of re-manufactured toner cartridges.



Guaranteed our products in page production and the other standards of original toner cartridges.



PrintCare is the most convenient and economical and simplest printing solution.


• Purchasing recycle toner cartridge at international standards at fire sale prices

• Free on-site maintenance and printer cleaning service

• Permanent free maintenance

• Technical support costs related to the printer can be waived

• Free delivery service



PrintCount 3-in-1 program can enjoy a number of benefits:


• Free designated model printer

• Free on-site maintenance and printer cleaning service

• With low overall printing costs of HK$0.06

• Monthly charge just up to HK$ 100

• Many latest printer with strongest function to choose from

• Ownership of the printer after the expiry of the contract or not.

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