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4E Imaging Ltd Hong Kong office is committed to offer two different printing solutions, namely PRINTCARE and PRINTCOUNT , to customers in Hong Kong, including listed corporations, banks, hotels, government departments and universities. PRINTCARE and PRINTCOUNT are the innovative printing solutions for recycle toner and printer maintenance.


Customers singing up for PrintCare Program and purchasing Precise Long Life recycle toner cartridges can enjoy free maintenance service (all parts and labor free are included). No minimum purchases required for this program, customers can just purchase according to their needs.


Therefore, PrintCare is the most convenient and economical and simplest printing solution.


• Purchasing recycle toner cartridge at international standards at fire sale prices

• Free on-site maintenance and printer cleaning service

• Permanent free maintenance, saving your money on new printer

• Technical support costs related to the printer can be waived.

• Free delivery service.


PrintCount three-in-one program-Customers only need to pay the monthly fee equivalent to a few percents of the price of original consumables, 4E will provide customers with a printer (consumables and maintenance service are included), and customers can possess that printer after the expiry of the contract or return.


Customers joining our PrintCount three-in-one program can enjoy a number of benefits:

Free designated model printer, saving your money on new printers.


• Free on-site maintenance and printer cleaning service (all parts and labor fees are included).

• With low overall printing costs of HK$0.06 (for black-and-white) and HK$ 0.18 (for color).

• Monthly charge just up to HK$ 100 and color printing is only several hundred.

• Many latest printer with strongest function to choose from (A3-A4, black-and-white/color, for personal and corporate purposes).

• Ownership of the printer after the expiry of the contract or not.


Flat-rate Printer Maintenance Plan-- We are the only one company providing printer on-site maintenance service at a flat rate. The designated model printer can enjoy the on-site maintenance service (all parts and labor fees are included) at a flat rate.


Printer maintenance charged at a flat rate: simple, low cost, high efficiency.


• Designated model printer can be repaired at a fixed price (all parts and labor fees are included)

• Saving money on new printer when a break-down occurred.

• All maintenance services shall have a free maintenance period of 30 days.

• In some printer models customers can permanently enjoy the free maintenance service (all parts, labor fees, fusing, baseboard, laser box and all roller are included) if they join our PrintCare and order printer toner cartridge from 4E.



High efficiency & professional.


• 4E is one of few professional printer maintenance companies in Hong Kong, each technical personnel in 4E has more than 5 years experience in professional maintenance.

• Providing on-site maintenance with parts in the next working day.

• Over 88% of maintenance services have been completed within three days.

• lots of time and expenses in managing different suppliers can be saved when break-down occurred.


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